Welcome to our family :)

Nothing is more important to us than family! During the pandemic, myself (Steve) and my daughter Avery got to brewing. Since then, this father-daughter duo has grown into a family-wide business.

Coffee isn't just coffee to us. It's something that brings people together. It's that cozy morning with family and that conversation with friends, new and old.

Starting this coffee shop has been an AMAZING ride filled with wonderful people in our wonderful community here in Albany. We are so excited and happy to share our passion for coffee with you all.

Welcome to our family!

We've already come a long way. But there's a lot more to come!

Since our start, we we've been constantly surprised at how fast things happen. Which we believe is a testimant to the wonderful and supportive community we're apart of.

We started in our home in Albany and quickly expanded into a small storefront in our garage. Our little driveway cafe! In under five months, though, we went from that homey neighborhood location all the way to now roasting coffee for other shops, including our own.

With our new set-up, the driveway cafe is now our warehouse where we fulfill online orders. You can pick up ground beans, whole beans, k-cups, and ,pour-overs there or come say hi!

For the usual drinks, send us a message and we'll bring our coffee cart to you!

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